Franklin, Ross & Associates
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Our Mission

To help simplify the bill-collection process by providing a superior, low-cost service to the professional community, and to provide a full range of services, information, convenience and positive results using Internet technology to maximize efficiency and return for our clients to businesses of all sizes.

Franklin, Ross & Associates is committed to helping all clients maximize their cash flow by recovering outstanding accounts receivable and designing a plan to decrease the amount of time between point of service and payment.

Our Philosophy

Franklin, Ross & Associates has a number of special capabilities that separate us from the rest of the agencies in the industry.

Our corporate philosophy works toward a more holistic goal, "to collect money through credibility and consistency". In order to maintain credibility, we maintain consistent contact with each debtor, via e-mail, letter and telephone, on a timely basis, in order to impress the debtor that we will not let the debt just "go away".

We endeavor to accurately classify each debtor in order to increase the probability of a successful collection, and to be sensitive when this is called for. Our experience has shown that there are different principal classes of debtors, each requiring approach individually.

Franklin, Ross & Associates relies on a team of individuals committed to success,
led by experienced professionals in the financial services and receivables management industry who have a relentless passion for performance.

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